COOW in the media!

Hello Fellow Citizens!

COOW is now back from holidays and the Paléo Festival craziness, and we have exciting news. Paléo gave us great visibility, and we are happy to share this media coverage with you.

But before we develop any further, we would like to express a huge Thank You to all the volunteers and to our Ambassador, Swiss singer Licia Chery, who have dedicated time and energy to this project. Our booth was filled with a concentration of good humour, relaxed atmosphere and great team spirit. Without them, Paléo would not have been such a success.

And what a success indeed! Over 100 new members have signed up, donations were higher than expected! A warm Welcome and Thank You to all of you new Citizens, who are contributing to funding sustainable projects with COOW. But the battle is not over: the more donations we will receive, the more (and larger) projects we will be able to fund to improve people's lives. 

Now let's go back to media. We got coverage on the web, on the radio, on stage and on television. Yes we did! First with the web: the official Paléo photographers came on our booth on Friday 26 July to meet Licia, and we got a dazzling 11 pictures of that moment on their web site! Check them out here:

By the way, what do you think of our t-shirts? Really nice, aren't they? We have some left, just send us an email if you would like to order one.

Then the radio: Licia was interviewed on Swiss radio programme Paradiso on Saturday 27 July, offering a beautiful acoustic guitar showcase, and explaining why COOW was important to her. You can listen to this programme via the below link. However, for copyrights reason it will be available until 23 October 2013 and between 7pm and 8pm only, so don't miss out!

Then the stage: Licia sang on Sunday 28 July in Club Tente. The rain was absolutely pouring outside, but what an energy and warmth this woman radiated inside!

And last but not least: television. This is the "Chery" on top of the already beautiful cake. The ARTE TV team was present at Paléo, shooting a report about the Festival, and was more than happy to meet Licia. This interview will be broadcasted on ARTE web TV this coming Saturday 21 September, another one not to miss out!

Stay tuned for the next news. Who knows what else is cooking... ;-)