Traditional Balinese Garden of Life - A sustainable, teaching Balinese Garden for children and community

Traditional Balinese Garden of Life - A sustainable, teaching Balinese Garden for children and community
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Bali Children’s Project - Linda Moselle Venter


The Balinese Garden of Life is a traditional Balinese Garden which will serve to teach the youth and their families about the land and its richness and create gardens which can flourish with an abundance of traditional plants and herbs.

The goal is to create a viable garden which will reinvigorate the land and recreate the traditional gardens of multiple plants and herbs which have been grown and produced for centuries. While people from around the world come to Bali and wonder at the historic culture, rich in fertile rice fields and the traditional healing arts from plants, trees, herbs and other forms of nature, the youth today is forgetting how to grow these plants and no longer knows the meaning or value of their heritage.

The Garden will continue these great Balinese traditions. It will enable the youth to sustain their culture, improve their environment, and make a living selling the herbs and plants they grow. The area is now unused for any productive crop, but is fertile and will be a wonderful environmental project for the youth and the village. It will be sustainable and exciting not only for the children but also for the elders who can see the culture and the knowledge of centuries continue.

It will also be income producing and help the village and, eventually, surrounding villages, become more self sufficient. Because of the tourist industry, classes will be offered and lectures and day trips offered at a cost, to bring in Westerners eager to learn this traditional knowledge.

Not only will this bring in income but it will also greatly aid in inter-cultural awareness and cultural exchange.

Applicant Description

Bali Children’s Project (BCP) is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered both in California in 2001and in Bali, Indonesia. However, it has been helping children in Bali for almost 20 years. It is dedicated to education as a means of improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in Bali. BCP was founded on the belief that children, empowered to realize their potential, will enrich their own lives and their villages and contribute to the world we all share.

Trapped in a cycle of rural poverty, it is quite often girls who are especially disenfranchised and in need of help.

Our programs include sponsorship of individual children, classroom support, teacher training, workshops and classes for Sex Ed and HIV-AIDS awareness and health. We have an active volunteer program which goes into villages and teaches English and, when possible, holds workshops for kindergarten teachers.

Bali Children’s Project serves disadvantaged children throughout Bali, and currently sponsors over 200 children so that they can complete primary and high school. This is done by individual sponsorships on a one-to-one basis, and we are now helping some of these children after high school completion. This sponsorship program is very often the difference between staying in school and dropping out. Our staff is involved with every child and sponsors are encouraged to meet them.

We are active in poor communities and very aware of living conditions and needs of these families. Our goal is to serve them and improve their lives through education.

Progress report -------------- Posted by Linda Venter of BCP. 26 Feb 2014. This garden, funded by an award from Citizen Of Our World ( is in a small village in Tulikup, Gianyar, Bali. Bali Children's Project has organized the clearing of 2 Are of land (10 meters x 20 meters) which is leased for 20 years from a poor family which has never developed it. We are now designing an organic garden of traditional Balinese herbs and plants, a beautiful creation which is planned to help teach the children their horticultural heritage. Balinese traditional medicine uses hundreds of healing plants, and we have teachers who will work with the children to preserve this. As the garden flourishes, more plants will be added. We already have promises from the Balinese government to purchase both Betel nuts and Coconuts for Temple ceremonies, so this will also bring income into the project and the village. It will also be used to teach business practices to the kids and adults. It's a very exciting project and a means to preserve a valuable heritage.



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The bottom picture is the area that will be turned into a garden and eventually a school. Right now it's used for nothing but is obviously fertile. The family doesn't have the resources to really use it. The garden above is an ideal, and the children are some of the wonderful Balinese children whose lives can be changed by learning about their heritage and how to create sustainable gardens.
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I am so proud of you.......all the hard work!
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Oh thank you so much. You're such a good friend I could cry. Let's hope for the votes - probably August.
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Great work !!
Linda Venter's picture

Thank you so much. I'm so appreciative of you taking the time for this. It really means so much to me.
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This Balinese Garden of Life such a great initiative will create such HUGE VALUE in this extremely poor community and surrounding area of Gianyar, Bali
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great initiative Linda, I'm always wondering why a lot of people in Bali do not grow their own vegetables etc instead of buying on the market, you start with the youth now, which can be a great example for the adults!
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this is so is a way to honour the culture for all the children and their future something my family would have supported and i hope that this gets picked
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Such a meaningful and worthwhile project for the children and their community. I'm happy to give it my votes!
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Congratulations on this great project! We are eager to hear about its development and impact. All the best to the people on the field now!
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We are so grateful for this opportunity to create this garden for the children in Bali, and look forward with great anticipation to its growth, and the teaching opportunity it will provide. We'll be so excited to break ground and start to post pictures as the herbs and plants flourish. Thanks to all who voted for us and for the chance for this creation.