Save Our Lives Orphanage Ghana

This orphanage in Ghana, helps 90 children...from new borns to teenagers. The orphanage pays for the children to go to school - some at day school & others at boarding school. It also sponsors the children to further their eduction at university & eventually help them earn a living. This group of dedicated people are truly making a difference in these kids lives.

Here is a link to some photos from my first trip.


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At the beginning of March (2013) I went for my first time to visit the orphanage. What an amazing experience....the biggest surprise for me was that these kids are happy! Great lesson for us all. I went there with 40 bath towels...for the kids....I have never seen kids being so happy to receive a towel!! I'm now planning a trip with 2 other families (with our wives & kids) spend a week at the orphanage, helping to make their lives a little better & at the same time, hopefully giving our kids a lesson of life....if everyone does a little....the world becomes a better place.
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Do they have a project to submit to coow?