« Nairucu-Arts » is a non-profit Association created by local artists in 2009 in Nampula, Mozambique. The Project offers opportunities for artistic developments with an Art-craft Centre located in Rapale and two small areas located on the backyard of the National Ethnology Museum (MUSET) in Nampula producing since 2009 high quality sculptures, pottery and sewing products. It is also a place for Art School education and cultural activities. Thematic exhibitions have been made in Nampula and in Switzerland where the art work from the artists of Nairucu-Arts and from children that followed free time activities painting courses has been shown in 2010 and 2011. 

Nairucu-Arts,  as said by Dr. Edna dos Santos-Duisenberg up to 2012 Head of Creative Economy at UNCTAD, Geneva, is a good example of creative economies development for Mozambique developing a rich facet of indigenous culture and increasing the international visibility of African visual arts in European markets. (Maputo, Mozambique UNCTAD Workshop, June 2009 and video intervention for the opening of exhibit “L’Origine” Frascati, Italy, December 2010). Art Schools are only available in Maputo the capital and on the North there are no Art Schools where talented children can learn from artists.  Rapale, where the headquarters of the association is located, is a small town with more than 20,000 people. On the premises of the Centre of Rapale a class room for free time children's creative activities was also built, with the help of private donations. At present we lack funds to give a push and sustain the regular training which is essential to develop skills, and offer new job opening opportunities to talented and poor youngsters. We have worked since the creation of the art-craft Centre to establish a Mozambique trade mark: Nairucu-Arts (request deposited at the competent authorities). The activities developed until now are aiming at making people aware of their cultural heritage, of the value of their patrimony and of the importance to build from these indigenous roots.