Citizen Of Our World




1. Project submission and selection

a) Registered Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) submit a project.

b) Projects are reviewed by COOW. The more suitable ones, which meet the criteria, are selected for the next round of voting.

2. Funding the elected projects

Money is donated by individuals, our Citizens, to create a pot for financing elected project.

3. Fund the elected projects

a) People become Citizens by donating. They are then eligible to vote as well as post comments on the website.

b) When it is the time to vote, an e-mail with voting instructions will be sent only to Citizens whose paid membership is up-to-date for the prior 12 months.

4. Carry-out the project

Once a round of voting is completed, COOW transfers the funds to finance the elected projects to the NGO concerned, who are requested to send regular feedback on progress with pictures and/or videos.

5. Interact with people

Discussion forums allow you to interact directly with NGOs and other Citizens who share an interest with you.

6. Document the results

A report is issued by the field organizations for the completed projects with testimonials from beneficiaries.