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You can be an actor of global change

     Once a member of this community, you will be able to influence key issues in a global way, and share successes with other members on our online forums.

How to become a Citizen?

  • Provide us with your name, your email.

What are the advantages?

     For 10 Euros/Francs/Dollars (or more if you wish), you will become a full citizen of this web-based community of donors for 1 year. This entitles you to Citizenship, meaning you will be able to:

  • Vote to assign funds to projects on every voting session.

  • Participate in discussion groups.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the results of the projects you voted for.



  • We ask only for minimal personal information. You may however give more information if you wish. Your identity is only made visible if you participate in the optional discussion forums. Your personal profile is highly editable, so that you can determine what is public and what not.

     Tax Deduction

  • Donations are tax deductible because COOW is considered by authorities as an organisation of public utility and as such is exempt from taxation.

  • If you live in Switzerland, COOW will issue for donations equal to or above CHF 300--, a certificate or a receipt of donation for you to submit with your tax declaration.

  • These will be issued in February for donations made in the previous tax year.