The countdown to Paléo Festival has started!

The set up is this weekend! Are we ready? Let's review together:

Banner? Check!

Decoration? Check!

Lights? Check!

T-shirts? Check! (They look great, we hope you will like them!)

Volunteers? Check! (Thank you guys, without you this would not be possible.)

Voting materials? Check! (Yes, you will be able to vote in the booth)

PR kits? Check!

Flyers? Check!

Books? Check!

World map? Check!

Rain boots? Check!

Swiss Artist Licia Chery is our Ambassador!

Vibrant and talented Licia Chery, first Swiss artist to be financed thanks to My Major Company, has kindly accepted our invitation to become Citizen Of Our World's Ambassador.

Funded thanks to this other democratic platform, where crowdfunding enables artists to produce their own album, there could not be any person to understand and share COOW's values better than Licia. We are really excited with this partnership!

Results of the 3rd vote

Citizen Of Our World will fund a sanitation project at the Gbullung Clinic in Ghana. The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) will build a new toilet block with hand washing facilities to improve hygiene. This will help to lower the number of sanitation related diseases.

Newsletter: great news from the project that Citizen Of Our World funded in Sri Lanka

We are pleased to announce that the 5 wells cleared from remnants of war in Sri Lanka are safe again, thanks to a Citizen Of Our World contribution (first voting session). Local population can now use the wells safely to access water.

100 donors reached!

Dear Citizens and newsletter subscribers,

We are pleased to announce that the 100th Citizen has just joined us.

5800 CHF have been collected this year which allowed us to fund the 2 projects that our Citizens have voted for.

Thank you for your commitment!