Citizen Of Our World (COOW) is an innovative non-profit association. It was founded in 2009 in Geneva (Switzerland) to allow everyone to contribute to the well-being of disadvantaged people through:

  • Transparency: projects’ progress, new members and funds are documented on the website
  • Empowerment: Citizens vote to decide which projects should be funded by the Association
  • Financial efficiency: 90% of the donations go to the projects
  • Professionalism: funded projects are carried out by NGOs in the field
  • Accessibility: Citizens can communicate in blogs and post comments

COOW does not operate in case of disaster situations


  • Respecting differences

  • Focusing on results


  • Fighting against poverty

  • Engaging in the environment sustainability


  • Creating a social network to share opinions and information

  • Distributing donations in a fair and effective manner


  • Democracy: a donor who becomes and remains by donating each 12 months a Citizen can vote on each project

  • Effectiveness: funds are invested immediately following the vote on the projects so that they can start as soon as possible


COOW’s organisation is composed of the Executive Committee as well as Committees for Project, Communication, Website and Fundraising.