Opportunity to earn an income through art - Mozambique

Opportunity to earn an income through art - Mozambique
Non-elected projects
2900 CHF
From receipt of funds
9 months
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Objective Of Global Project

The project submitted will provide courses and practical training for a period of about 9 months, twice a week to young students in different areas developed by Nairucu-Arts: sculpture, pottery and sewing. The most talented get afterward the possibility to join the Association and will have an income out of the mastered activity. 

  •  Sculpture : Makonde sculpture is a cultural heritage from North of Mozambique and working blackwood is a long training process that used to be transmitted through generations from father to son and requires many years of apprentice. The artist working at Nairucu-Arts have each of them a proper style and specific knowledge and specializations. We can provide proper training which will give later a job opportunity to young and talented students so as we need to get the raw material "pau preto" which requires a special authorization and going to the wood area which involve transportations fees.
  • Pottery: One of the greatest practitioners of Makonde pottery Merina Amade (known as Mamã Merina or “The golden woman of clay”) is working in Nampula and is a member of Nairucu-arts association. Living figures inhabit her rich aesthetic and particular world and now time has come for her to leave a legacy of her art and transmit the secular techniques to new generation. She, in collaboration with Ancha Xavier the other pottery artist working at the centre in Rapale, will train girls allowing for further development of this important and particular art. Makonde pottery are made by the uno, a special hematite existing only in a specific region which involves travel fees to get this specific material.
  • Sewing: Girls have expressed interest on learning sewing of dresses and household items. Under the supervision of the tailor, they can learn a profession that can be a source of family income and once well trained produce objects under the trade-mark name Nairucu-Arts for tourists and local markets. In order to provide properly these courses to these young students we need more mechanical sewing machines.
Outcome expected
For the students having participated to this project will be an occasion to learn a profession that may help to obtain a regular even if small income. Some of them may decide to go further with the studies and become professional artists.
We need these different materials to start a regular art-craft school project to be carried out on regular basis by the artists of the Association offering new job opportunities to poor young that cannot pay or afford for obtaining this type of training.