Psychosocial support for children in post-conflict countries

Psychosocial support for children in post-conflict countries
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1 Module of psychosocial treatment 520 € includes 26 counselling hours (20€/hour)
Minimum 26 weeks (1 hour per week)
Applicant Name: 
Ms Vera Remškar


The program is aimed to improve the psychosocial well-being of children in post-conflict regions, with a particular focus on children with special needs and their caretakers who usually present one of the most vulnerable populations. The project is community-based and aims to create a safe, supportive and motivating environment for all, to provide basic psychological and psychosocial assistance to children with special needs and those with psychosocial problems. Special focus will be given to children suffering from post-trauma syndrome and living in regions affected by armed conflicts, natural or other disasters. Special attention will be also given to mutual cooperation with parents and schools.

Project objectives:

  • to support and strengthen the capabilities of children to overcome difficult traumatic experiences and effectively deal with their problems;
  • to reduce the suffering of children;
  • to develop and encourage the capacity of children and parents to effectively cope with their problems and strengthen their resistance;
  • to help parents and guardians improve their protective and supportive role in childcare;
  • to prevent long-term psychological and psychosocial disorders of children.

This project will set up supportive modules in which different experts will provide counselling treatments focused on the wellbeing of children. The modules will consist of packages of counselling hours with various experts (psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists, social workers, etc.) according to children needs. For each child it will be set in an individual plan how much hours with different experts he/she needs based on the child’s background and condition. For example, one individual plan could consist of: 7 hours of psychosocial treatment, 10 hours of speech therapy, 3 hours with a social worker and 6 hours of psychiatric treatment, totalling in 26 hours of experts working with the child and his parents/guardians in the period of 26 weeks.

This programme with modules of psychosocial support will help parents to recognize different types of counselling services which are able to help their children overcome the post-trauma syndrome and become more self-confident.