Sport - The Bridge school follow-up program

Sport - The Bridge school follow-up program
Non-elected projects
CHF 4,850
Funding date
12 months
Applicant Name: 
Michael Marti


Sport – The Bridge offers street children a possibility to find a way back into their families and society. During one year the children visit our compound. Our staff supports the children and their families to increase their own resources and skills, which are indispensable for re-socialisation and self-determination. After the reintegration Sport – The Bridge stays in close contact to the children and their families through a follow-up program, in which support gets reduced step by step to enhance independency.

In the centre of our activities is the sport-pedagogical teaching of street children about social behavior through sport, as well as their reintegration into their families and schools. Learning stands in the center of our activities. In providing medical care, food support and teaching in various topics we secure a healthy development of body and mind. In workshops and self-help groups we also work with the children’s families in order to help them improve their economic and social situation.

School follow-up

The school follow-up program consists of 4 elements:

Financial support for school material for the children: Sport - The Bridge pays for the school uniforms including a pair of shoes, the school material (such as pens, books etc.). With every additional year, Sport - The Bridge pays a smaller amount of money to the families, in order to guarantee that if the child is coming to high school the family is able to pay the school fees on their own. This is the part of the project for which we apply for funding.

Coaching of children (literacy program): In addition to the public school, all the children have the opportunity to come to a literacy program on our compound. A professional teacher is giving individual support if needed. The children can come 5 days a week after their regular public school for about 2 hours and use the infrastructure of Sport - The Bridge.

Children’s library: It is a major problem of public schools in Addis Ababa that they do not have enough books for all children. In order to do their homework, the children can thus borrow books from the Sport - The Bridge library.

Regular visits to public schools: In order to be informed about the children’s development, a member of the Sport - The Bridge team regularly visits the public schools that our participating children attend. . Our team member speaks with the teachers at least once a week. At present, 300 children are supported by Sport – The Bridge